Wed May 20 2015

Really you don't know what it is, is inside you, every day, every hour, every small moment, you are thinking about that , creating it, and modeling it in your mind ...

Is not a matter if you are working for years in the industry, or if your current job is completely opposite, while you are doing your daily duties, your mind can not stop thinking on that, you feel that sooner or later you must to do it. You arrive at home after a hard day of work, but for you, is the best moment in the day. You take notes of everything that your mind has been designing during the day, you are starting to create YOU VIDEOGAME !!

Here starts something amazing, you feel that small thing that was in your mind since long time ago, has just birth, it starts doing its first steps, it goes through the untangible world to the real world (could be in a bar napkin, paper or computer file). Now you can not stop it, every day, in every second, you are thinking about that, you are wishing to arrive home to continue where you leave it last time and make the next step, improve it, adding more things that will do it better and better.

That curiosity is making you dreaming, is forcing you to finish what you started, to share with others and show what you are capable.

Each thing that you see around you inspires you, you try to take the essence of everything that you can use in your idea, lots of things will help you, but lots other, simply no.You will share it with friends, family, they will give you really good opinions, that will make you feel things that your are not doing well, or even the opposite, you will see lots of things that you are doing good and this will motivate you A LOT.

You will move between different states, you will feel excited when you see the things are moving in the correct way, you will feel very bad when you find problems, but you will be forced to fix it, and believe me, if you are persistent, you will fix everything, and it will give you the best of feelings, ¡¡ there is nothing better that fix problems !!

All of this, my friend, means one thing, you have a DEVELOPER inside you that wants to realize his dream of creating his own videogames. Please, fight for that!, and start to do it as soon you have the opportunity, you can do it in a company, or creating your own studio.

But, you must to know that the begginings are not easy, for try to live of your own games you must to be really patient, is possible that you must to work in other places at the same time to earn money and survive, please do not discourage you, I am pretty sure that sooner or later the moment that you are waiting will arrive, but you must to have the feet in the ground, we are not talking about earn millions, we are talking about to live doing something you love to do, and that takes time.

I am not writing this article like a success case, NO WAY, neither of my games is a top selling, I am working in other companies at same time that I do my games, I am writing you from the perspective of a PASSIONATE GUY about create and publish my own videogames, someone that, since forever, in my mind I only can think in create things and more things, is not a matter what I am doing, my head is always thinking in create something new or improve things that I have created. I understand perfectly the things that are in your mind and I can not do another thing that encourage you to reach your goals, like always I said, I do not believe that I can do another thing that doing videogames, I will die doing videogames.

Is really possible that I must to work for other people at the same time that I am creating my games, or perhaps, in the future, between all my games I can earn enough to live, while I continue doing more titles, I will never know it , I only can wait and work hard to see what happen, but of course, I can assure that accomplish a goal like create your own studio, or simply, create and publish your own games, IS SOMETHING MAGICAL. If you have that dream, please do not leave it, fight for that and enjoy your passion !!!

An important thing, NEVER you must think that you can not learn nothing more, that will never happen even if you are working for years in this industry, me, for example, I am working in the videogames more than 16 years and I can assure you that I continue learning from people that you never expect, junior, senior, even people not related with the videogames can give you very good advices and surprises you! Please keep always the mind open to learn new things. You will be surprised!

Finally, I encourage to everyone that, like me, have this dream of have a way of life, doing videogames.

Warm regards to everyone !!

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Wed May 13 2015

Like I said in the previous post, I am working in something new for show in the GameLab 2015 event in the Indie Zone. At the same time, I am working in the big update for Colords too.

Is really hard with a short time create something, but I am working every night to try to achieve it. Is possible that I only can to show a demo, but at least, will be something playable.

Now, I can not say too much about the project until I can have something working. At the moment, I am working in the core of the game, not art, no sound, no FX, only focusing that the logic works, this will take me several days until works correctly, but step by step, I am sure that finally will work ;-).

Really I am making a lot of effort in create something simple and efective in terms of creation/changes process, I am using spreadsheets docs (and all the potential and flexibility that they have for work) with the data that I need, then I parse it to use in the game, this allows me to save a lot of time and is really easy to make changes, only edit the spreadsheet, export it, and the changes appears. If you never used this technique before, I totally recommend you!! ( Of course the parser must to be created by you too, according to your specifications).

Each new game is a new learning process of new techniques and improvements, and is for that reason, that I love this job, I am always learning new stuff for the next project!.

I hope to have more news about the project status soon !!


Sun May 10 2015

MassiveFun3D will assist to the GameLab2015 event in Barcelona. I reserved a Indie Table where I will show to the people my finished projects, and if possible that I can show some of the new ones. I hope to see you guys there and we can meet to drink something and share stories and adventures about this exciting world that we love, MAKE VIDEOGAMES !!.

I am working in something new that I would like to finish before GameLab and try to show it in the event, even if is in a demo format, lets see if I can complete something playable at time.

In the other side, Colords, Ice Wings Plus, Massive Pocket Fishing, etc.. will be there too for you can play it in the devices.


Remember that GameLab 2015 dates are 24 - 25 and 26th June.

More info here:


Sun May 10 2015

The MassiveFun3D new website has been just launched !!

I changed everything to give a simple and elegant feeling in the website. I hope you like it.

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