Located in Barcelona area (Spain), MassiveFun3D is a one-man game development studio founded in 2014 with the target of create good and fun games for all the people, from childs to adults, focusing the efforts on entertainment, simplicity and innovation.

At the same time, MassiveFun3D offers services to other companies to help them in their videogames developments.


MassiveFun3D creates own games, but also offers services to other companies like:

- Creation of mobile & computer games from scratch.
- Creation 3D Models and Animations.
- Creative Direction for your project.
- Art Direction for your project.
- Game Design Direction for your project..

* Please feel free to contact with MassiveFun3D for business enquires or questions.


MassiveFun3D is founded by Fernando Ruiz, a videogames enthusiast with more than 16 years of experience in the videogames industry, working in big titles like: James Cameron AVATAR, The Adventures of TINTIN, Hero of Sparta 1 & 2, STARGATE Unleashed Episode 1 & 2, Commandos 2: Behind the enemy lines, Six Guns, War Leaders:Clash of Nations, and much more..., always with the goal of create the best product.

Fernando is very passionate about gaming, animation, programming and movies. He takes inspiration for create videogames in everything that is around him, even in the really small things.

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